Andrea on the Road - Honolulu, Hawaii

This travel blog is long overdue. Sorry Andrea! 

While we were shooting the amazing Honolulu destination wedding, Andrea was one of the lucky guests witnessed the vow. After the wedding, Andrea had some fun on the road, just like she always does. For the highlights, we made a short video:

Of course, we all know Hawaii has 4 main islands. Daddy and Mommy visited Maui before Andrea was born. We thought, just like many others, that Maui is more remote and isolated and Honolulu (O'ahu) is too developed. But we were wrong about O'ahu. If nature is your thing and you want a more outdoor experience, O'ahu has it too! Plus many other things to expect from the Hawaii islands: beach, ocean, city life and good food.

Hawaii islands Mauri, O'ahu, Big Island Kauai

For little Andrea, who only has three and half years' experience of this world, this sunset is certainly stunning!
Andrea watching sunset at Hilton Hawaiian Villege, Honolulu
sunset at Hilton Hawaiian Villege, Honolulu
Fujifilm X-E2 | 60mm f/2.4 Macro | f/2.4 1/180s

Day 1. We just want to enjoy a layback Hawaii... When taking landscape photos, we normally arrive early and find a good spot, and then wait for the good lighting. In O'ahu, you don't have to, because the landscape is gorgeous all day long!

Andrea is getting on board, she looked concerned... Well she will find out soon how amazing the view is. And... WOW!

Andrea on boarding Helicopter, $204/person (Tax included)

View from helicopter, O'ahu
Nikon D800e | 24-70mm f/2.8G | f/3.2 1/1000s | GPS:???

Day 2, we go for a car ride and this is our route.
Map of O'ahu

By accident, we found a hidden heaven - the tree tunnel. That's how Andrea called it. Why? Take a look and you'll know why. This nice drive is not mentioned in any popular tourist guide, but we think it is the best among all the popular places we visited that day, including Diamond Head and Hanauma Bay.

Honolulu, tree tunnel drive
Nikon D800e | 24-70mm f/2.8G | f/4.5 1/80s | GPS: 21.351236, -157.816429

Old tree, Honolulu
Nikon D800e | 24-70mm f/2.8G | GPS: 21.351236, -157.816429

Andrea playing sand, slippers Honolulu travel Andrea playing with poking stick Honolulu Andrea playing on the beach Andrea playing on the beach, northern Oahu, turtle bay

Day 3, this is our route.

We all thought there will be lots of turtles at Turtle Bay, but no luck that day, only sand and blue ocean... Andrea is never disappointed when she is on the road, so she had fun : )

Turtle beach blue ocean white sand
Turtle Bay GPS:21.702480, -157.999920
Andrea walking
Andrea travel Honolulu Meadow

While we were scouting around, we found a perfect place for snorkeling - Shark Cove (GPS: 21.655839, 158.065086) The rocks created a natural pool protecting the strong waves disturbing the water. Colorful fishes are still free to come in and out through channels to the open sea. The clear and calm water makes Shark Cove perfect for observing tropical fish. You will see how we chase the Moorish Idols in the short video at the beginning of the blog... so much fun!
Shark Cove Snorkeling tropical fish
Nikon D800e | 24-70mm f/2.8G | f/8 1/800s | GPS: 21.650201, -158.063246
On your way back to Honolulu, don't forget to stop by Ray's Kiawe Broiled Chicken (GPS:21.589378, -158.102653). You can smell it from far away, and its the best BBQ chicken on the island.

Last but not least, we had some great ramen in Ramen Nakamura (2141 Kalakaua Avenue #1, Honolulu). There are tons of great Japanese Restaurants in Hawaii but we were so impressed by the soap at Ramen Nakamura. The following picture was taken after we finish the meal. We are not the kind of tourists letting the cell phone enjoy our meal before we eat, no way! So sorry no before-meal photos...

Ramen soup Honolulu