Andrea on the Road - Sierra Hot Springs!

The movie San Andreas shows us very realistic disasters when San Andreas Fault decides to shake up San Francisco. The fear of the next big earthquake is in everyone's mind who lives in this area. We will prepare for the worst but hope for the best. But before the next big quake hits us, San Andreas Fault is not all about negativity. One benefit is that many residents and tourists can enjoy the hot springs along the fault.

This time, let Andrea show you a very unique hot springs experience: Sierra Hot Springs.

Google map screenshot, Sierra Hot Springs, Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, Sierraville

Sierra Hot Springs is about three and a half hours from San Francisco in an old agricultural town called Sierraville, located north of the famous Lake Tahoe. Sierraville is a quiet small town which we visit almost every winter. 

Andrea Standing, making faces outdoor
Backshot of Andrea watching ahead
Sierraville open landscape

We chose to stay in the historic main lodge in the Sierra Hot Springs. It is easier to access the hot springs from the lodge and it has a very friendly environment. According to their website, the lodge was built in 1870's. In the main lodge, guests' bedrooms are upstairs and activity room is downstairs. There is also a large kitchen where you can store your food and prepare  your own meal, a game room with some (old) computers, and a spacious yoga room.

Sierra Hot Springs main lodge indoor
Main lodge indoor with view

Sitting in the activity room with a cup of tea, watching Andrea play, we spent the whole morning doing nothing but relaxing. We decided to head out after a simple lunch. It would be such a waste not to enjoy the outdoor fresh air in this quiet northern Sierra town.  We could not bring this air back home so we wanted to enjoy it as much as we can. Andrea seemed to agree : )

Andrea in the garden main lodge
landscape near Sierraville, California
Andrea playing with ants in the woods
Horse farm at Sierraville, California
wolf outside of mainlodge
pine cone fun, sunset portrait outside mainlodge

Nature is Andrea's best playground. What does this world look like in the eyes of a four year old child? Ants, horse, dogs, pine cones... She must have found a lot of fun.

OK. I know I have not talked much about the hot springs yet. There are three pools here that you can enjoy hot springs. One basketball court sized pool with body temperature hot spring you can enjoy a longer time soak. Nearby is a indoor doomed pool with very hot spring water. Five minutes' walk into the woods from the main lodge, there is a small natural outdoor pool.  There was once we enjoyed soaking here while watching the snowflakes falling on the surface of the pool...It was an amazing experience...

For the residents of the main lodge, there is no extra fee to use the pools. If you choose to stay somewhere else, no problem, a small daily fee will allow you to use the pool ($20 for weekdays and $25 weekends plus $5 membership). More informatin can be found on their website:

If you want to enjoy the nature 100%, you may choose to soak in the hot springs naked. But if that's not your thing, you can wear swimming outfit. Due to the privacy reason, no photos were taken at the pools. But it's pretty much like the picture below, you get the idea :)

Japanese monkeys hot spring soak
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We hope you find peace here in your next trip and enjoy this hidden place as much as we do. And lastly, Andrea wish you all have a nice soak!

main lodge outdoor sunset portrait
old barn, Sierraville California black and white
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